Bucket list

[September 2021, age 34]
This is an aspirational list of what I would like to achieve in my life before I get to the depressing age. The one starting with number 4. Even though it’s just a number… it’s a pretty high one.

Visit Japan

Drive a cabriolet

See Egyptian pyramids

Try to eat bugs (because of the proteins)

Start my own business

Release my own GOOD videogame

Start a podcast

Own a vending machine (always Coca-Cola!)

Have an arcade cabinet (Golden Axe?)

Take Magda and my parents to USA

See Acropolis

Rock hard and seeing live Rage Against the Machine

Aurora Borealis

Try Dungeon & Dragons

Experience Venice (the one in Italy, seen the Vegas one – boooring)

Maybe Hawaii? (no pizza though)

Credit: I stole the idea from this blog.