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Want to archive emails in Eloqua? November 2020 release is coming

Are you using Eloqua? If answer is yes, you should always tune to see what’s new. And Oracle is about to release a new update (20D) within the next few days. New changes could likely make your working life much easier.

Archiving shoeboxes

What kind of content is part of the release?

While this upcoming release is rather small and offers minor changes, they could still affect every user.

Oracle is going to introduce a new facelift (visual theme), which will only impact the login and home screen for now. However, Oracle promises some other areas are getting a refresh in upcoming releases.

Zoom App:
The Zoom App is getting a radical upgrade. You will be able to sync both webinars and meetings, which will allow you to view all sorts of metrics (e.g. join time, leave time, duration) or change attendee syncs. This is particularly handy for those who are running recurring webinars.

RSS App: The RSS App is adding language support so you can now populate stories based on language attributes in the feed.

Permissions for Cloud Apps:
You will finally be able to change permissions for app steps and define who can use them within campaign and program canvases. With the 20D rollout, full access will remain the same for all users.

Salesforce.com Integration App: Four main improvements:

  1. You will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe contacts with marketing activities. The activity will automatically update email opt-out field.
  2. For picklist sync, you will be able to configure imports via a simple checkbox; choose what you want to synchronise, including before each call. This is a great change that will improve accuracy and consistency of the data across both systems.
  3. You will have the capability to send blank values to Salesforce.
  4. You have the possibility to map Salesforce URLs to Eloqua’s large text data type (e.g. image URLs).

Other minor updates mostly include user experience, such as better error logs and availability to group errors. However, this report is going to roll out in limited availability and needs to be requested via support.

Archiving emails:
Oracle continues to expand archiving features. This time for Emails, you will be able to hide outdated emails from your search and prevent using them in new workflows. Great.

Advanced intelligence add-on subscription:
Oracle is betting big on AI. This upcoming update is adding some interesting features leveraging machine learning, such as for send time or subject line optimisation, account intelligence or fatigue analysis.

And more…
Other small updates include some API changes on native integration (for both SFDC and Dynamics), new error messages for apps, batch processing of forms via API, and insight enhancements.


Although unrelated to 20D, this might be interesting news for many beginners: Oracle is adding “explorer” learning paths. You can even earn a certified badge.

Explorer learning paths are free of charge and allow users to take Oracle University classes without paying for the expensive subscription.

Are you excited about some of these features? Let me know in the comments.

When will the new version be released?

This depends on the POD server you are using.

  • POD1, POD2 – 13th November 2020
  • POD3, POD4, POD6 – 20th November 2020
  • POD7 – 14th November 2020.

You can find the identifier of your POD just by looking at URL while you are logged in to your instance.

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